Hi! I'm Luis.

My career in the Design industry started in 1996 after I became graduated as a Visual Designer from IADE creative University, but my passion for Design started earlier when I was still in High school.

I started as a Graphic Designer, shifted to Web Design in 1999 and I've been designing apps for iOS and Android since 2009.

Currently I'm working as a UI and UX designer, pushing pixels and usability, working very closely to a team of developers trying to bring awesomeness to the projects we're building together. I'm also completing a master degree in Ergonomics, user experience specialization at Human Kinetics Faculty in Lisbon. Today I feel that even more than interface Design, User experience is my major priority. The empathy we can create with people that use our products and the methodologies we can use to learn so much more about them are valuable information for improvement on Design.

As a person and a professional, my goal is to continue evolving and learning everyday and sharing the knowledge I've gathered from experience with fellow workers and companions.

Welcome to my world!


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